About Lilanz
Lilang (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1987. After more than 30 years of improvement and development, LILANZ has become a nationwide well-known men’s wear brand integrating the functions of design, R&D, production and marketing.
In 2009, LILANZ became China’s first men’s wear brand to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, spearheading the IPO trend of Chinese men’s wear brands.
In 2019, LILANZ posted full-year operating revenue of 3.66 billion yuan; its 2,815 terminal stores were distributed in provinces and cities across China.
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Looking back on the development history of Lilanz, from an individual workshop with very few employees into a widely known Chinese men's wear brand which integrates research & development, design, production and marketing, from focusing on the research & development of products of single category to now covering all categories of products, such as coats, inner clothes, pants, shoes and accessories, and from advocating “business casual” at home to stepping onto today's road of fashion, Lilanz has been always on the road of innovation and upgrade, striving to provide consumers with the products with the best sense of quality, sense of design and sense of fashion, and the maximum performance cost.
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Lilanz, simple yet sophisticated
initially puts forward the innovation of Chinese men's wear category
In 2000, Wang Liangxing seized the inspiration from “Business Link” popular in the 1990s, and initially put forward the concept of “business casual men's wear”, starting a brand new category, and opening up a new thinking for the development of Chinese men's wear industry. The one beating others is powerful, and he who can conquer himself is great. In 2016, Lilanz broke through the path dependence, and centering on the consumers and the creation of the optimal life experience for the users, it started to research the new growth points and business models again, and launched the light fashion (LESS IS MORE) series of Lilanz. The idea “LESS IS MORE” has followed the design philosophy “Simple Yet Sophisticated” of Lilanz. With brief and fashionable pattern design, multi-level and rich product structure, and unique technique means, the clothes are lighter and more comfortable. In addition, more changes and creative ideas are supplemented to the product design, so that such series of products is featured by diversified style, stylish design, and fashionable matching, in order to cater new consumer groups.
Insisting on original and self-made products
Lilanz creates its unique brand character
International team +
Fabric research and Development Center +
Under the background of consumption upgrade, Lilanz has laid emphasis on the core energy of products, created its own original label, and formed its unique brand character. Lilanz has taken the initiative to start the innovation of fashion. In product style, the originality proportion has reached about 70%; in product design and development, Lilanz has set up fabric research & development center, and possessed fabric color blending system and fabric printer, and it is exclusive and prospective from making of yarn, fabric, printing and dyeing, and pattern in the source to the laboratory detection in later stage. Lilanz has insisted on developing the fabrics from yarns, and increasing the flexibility in fabric development, to control the cost effectively while keeping the product quality. On the other hand, Lilanz established an international research & development team in 2012, absorbed the international inspirations and ideas, and created a high-end design team with “Lilanz DNA”, to facilitate the original design of products.
Deeply ploughing the clothing industry chain
Lilanz sets about channel innovation
Early in 2013, Lilanz optimized and updated the channel layout, and started to focus on shopping malls. As of June 30, 2018, Lilanz had entered into 562 shopping malls by contract signing, and the malls Lilanz entered into successfully had included Wanda Plaza, Vanke Mall, SM Mall, and Thaihot Plaza, etc. In the aspect of new retail pattern, Lilanz has started new retail projects, and conducted synchronized and category-based sales on Tmall, JD, and other online channels. In addition, the accurate data of customer flow statistics and sales analysis online has been used for the development of physical stores, to promote the online and offline integration, and realize the complementary advantages. Lilanz light fashion series focuses on the markets of the first and second-tier cities, and caters the demands of young people in store design. By creating visual ecological system of store, Lilanz creates a warm and simple shopping experience for consumers with brief and avant-garde image and clear and concise style. Lilanz has also won the favor of many urban young men with its brief and fashionable product style, high-frequency product launching, and high product performance cost.
Lilanz is committed to brand building
and resonates with the contemporary young people
Lilanz has always followed the design philosophy “Simple Yet Sophisticated” in the explanation and illation to the core value of the enterprise, insisted on the attitude of no compromise to imperfection and the spirit of craftsmanship of persistence with details, and upgraded the consumption with visualized and sensory design, in order to resonate with the young people in consciousness.
In 2002, Lilanz put forward the brand slogan “Simple Yet Sophisticated”, which became the design philosophy of Lilanz, and also Mr. Chen Daoming was invited to serve as the brand spokesman, to explain and show the core value of brand elaborately. “Simple Yet Sophisticated” has become a classic symbol of an era.
In 2007, Lilanz made a debut in Milan Fashion Week on behalf of China and even Asia, and afterwards, appeared in the world-class fashion weeks for multiple times.
In 2015, Lilanz sponsored the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification in Asia, encouraging China Men's National Football Team with practical action, to further enhance its brand reputation. Lilanz has continuously explored the integration of “Simple Yet Sophisticated” philosophy with humanity, art, and fashion.
In 2018, it was selected into The Growing of the Great Brand. During the World Cup, Lilanz participated in the travel of exploration of World Cup in Russia together with consumers, starting a new era of brand fashion culture experience, and bringing new brand value experience to consumers. Lilanz has always followed the design philosophy “Simple Yet Sophisticated” in the explanation and illation to the core value of the enterprise, insisted on the attitude of no compromise to imperfection and the spirit of craftsmanship of persistence with details, and upgraded the consumption with visualized and sensory design, in order to resonate with the young people in consciousness.
Lilanz shows the demeanor as a great brand of China
and aims to build a benign and win-win ecosystem
Lilanz has kept focusing on the clothes for 30 years, and on the basis of prospecting the future and undertaking the responsibility, it has adhered to the consumers as the center, continuously explored for the spirit of the era, worked hard and seriously, followed the spirit of craftsmanship, made long-term investments and advanced bravely for developing a century-old brand and creating a better life for people.
Lilanz, advocating openness, cooperation, and win-win, strives for cooperating with customers, partners, and competitors in innovation, and extending the industry values, to form a sound industrial ecosystem. Moreover, it has always been devoted to delivering the positive energy of Chinese brands, and making contributions to the mass rise of Chinese brands. Lilanz has invested to construct a Cultural and Creative Park, gathered the creative fashion and art talents from different places throughout the world, and built a win-win ecosystem developing from an enclosed garden to an ecosystem where different species evolve, to promote the continuous and benign development of industry.